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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [C2] xsp:logic tag behaviour
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 21:48:09 GMT
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> From: Robin Green []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 14:02
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> Subject: Re: [C2] xsp:logic tag behaviour
> Firstly, changes to XSP should be discussed on xsp-dev since
> Cocoon is not the only product that uses XSP.

Sorry, I thought that this is an implementation issue...

> Secondly, a -100 from me since some logicsheets, including esql,
> will break.

Sorry to hear this... But - correct me if I don't understand this -
it is possible to re-write logicsheet so it uses variables only
inside scope of <xsp:logic> tag, example:
------------- existing code --------------
        Stack esqlSessions = new Stack();
        EsqlSession esqlSession = null;
-------------- replace by ----------------
        Stack esqlSessions = new Stack();
        EsqlSession esqlSession = null;

And the code will be a little bit clearer (at least, you can see
variable scope - so you know where this variable may be used) - of
course, this is objective.

> They rely on the ability to create variables which continue after the
> xsp:logic tag ends - one of the few technical advantages which
> XSP has over plain Java.

But now, if your tag declares variable - you can not use this tag again in
same jsp - or you must do some sort of variable name generation.

> "Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:
> >I noticed that <xsp:logic> tag behaves a little bit different than I
> >thought
> >it should after reading,
> >especially part "Page Readability".
> >
> >In short: I thought that local variable visibility should be limited by
> >corresponding <xsp:logic> tag, but now it implemented such way that local
> >variables are visible across all page - and this breaks page readability.
> You misunderstand what they mean by page readability (which is a HIGHLY
> subjective concept anyway).

May be...

> (Actually local variables are not visible all
> over the page, only in the document populate method, as is normal
> in Java.)

I meant this. Visible across whole method.

> They are talking about merely and simply reducing verbosity by allowing
> mixing of code and data (although it must be said, in Cocoon you are not
> entirely free to mix code and data in this way, because of the need to
> distinguish code from CDATA, i.e. literal XML text.)

This interleaving of code and data - is really cool feature, I agree with


> >So, example from "Page Readability" chapter of WD can be fully rewritten
> >using "JSP coding style"...
> Yes, Cocoon gives you the freedom to be more or less verbose (up to a
> point).

The result of this freedom is that there is a gap between XSP/XML document
structure (XML tags tree) and Java program structure (Java blocks tree). I
suggesting to link them together.


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