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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: XSP Questions
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:41:46 GMT
"Sean" <> wrote:
>I am evaluating the use of XSP as a server page technology for my 
>organization instead of JSP.  I have been messing with Cocoon and getting 
>things working, read the working draft, and have been reading the mailing 
>list for the past month or so.  I had a few questions I wanted to get 
>peoples input on that would help my evaluation:
>1. What is the status of the Working Draft of XSP?

Slightly outdated, in terms of the Cocoon 2 implementation, but up-to-date 
in terms of Cocoon 1.

>  Has it been submitted to the W3C?  Are there plans for this?

No and no.

>6. Are there any other vendors that have or are working on XSP engines?

Yes, AxKit, which provides XSP/XSLT etc. for Perl.

>7. And finally, are there any readily available large scale examples out 
>there that show off complex site navigation, dynamic content, using XML, 
>XSLT, and XSP?

I dunno about large scale, complex naviagation, etc. but see livesites on 
the cocoon website for some examples.

Note that Cocoon 2 will be far more suited to complex navigation, large 
scale, and "themed" sites. It really will be a quantum leap in terms of 
development efficiency, in my opinion (once developers have realised and 
understood its power of course)!

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