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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [C2] xsp:logic tag behaviour
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 19:01:59 GMT
Firstly, changes to XSP should be discussed on xsp-dev since Cocoon is not 
the only product that uses XSP.

Secondly, a -100 from me since some logicsheets, including esql, will break. 
They rely on the ability to create variables which continue after the 
xsp:logic tag ends - one of the few technical advantages which XSP has over 
plain Java.

"Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:
>I noticed that <xsp:logic> tag behaves a little bit different than I 
>it should after reading, 
>part "Page Readability".
>In short: I thought that local variable visibility should be limited by
>corresponding <xsp:logic> tag, but now it implemented such way that local
>variables are visible across all page - and this breaks page readability.

You misunderstand what they mean by page readability (which is a HIGHLY 
subjective concept anyway). (Actually local variables are not visible all 
over the page, only in the document populate method, as is normal in Java.) 
They are talking about merely and simply reducing verbosity by allowing 
mixing of code and data (although it must be said, in Cocoon you are not 
entirely free to mix code and data in this way, because of the need to 
distinguish code from CDATA, i.e. literal XML text.)

>Consider simple example:
>   <xsp:logic>
>     int i = 5;
>   </xsp:logic>
>   The value of i is: <xsp:expr>i</xsp:expr>
>This example works now, and I think that this is reducing readability of 
>and this XSP code is no different from jsp:
>   <jsp:scriptlet>
>     int i = 5;
>   </jsp:scriptlet>
>   The value of i is: <jsp:expression>i</xsp:expression>
>So, example from "Page Readability" chapter of WD can be fully rewritten
>using "JSP coding style"...

Yes, Cocoon gives you the freedom to be more or less verbose (up to a 

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