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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: AW: [C2]: Proposal for caching: Smarter Monitor Placement
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 23:01:59 GMT
"Tagunov Anthony" <> wrote:
>Hello, gentelmen!
>To contribute to this caching issues discussion,
>plz let me point out something that I consider was
>a bottleneck for C1:
>The monitors were embedded into processors and it caused the
>following difficulties:
>1) When the page was actually removed from cahce, the dependency
>     in the processor monitors still remained there, so
>1.1) suppose request "../a.xml?b=18" was found to depend on "b.xsl"
>        then, a.xml was rewritten in a way that this dependency was 
>       Still, the "b.xsl" remained in the XSLTProcessor's monitor table 
>       that "../a.xml?b=18" depended on "b.xsl" and when someone chainged
>       "b.xsl" then the cache for "../a.xml?b=18" (provided that 
>       was still processed by the XSLTProcessor) was considered invalid.
>1.2) suppose "../a.xml?b=.." gets called with a VERY VARING NUMBER
>      of parameter (I considered using it for a web resource directory,
>      wich currently has thousads (and large sousands of sections,
>      and the appearance of page may be user dependent). Then
>      The monitors may potentially get to contain PLETHORA of
>      useless dependencies for pages that have already been
>      cleaned from cache and thus eat up memory.
>So, what I think appropriate, is to
>      keep information needed by a
>      processor (translator, transformet in terms of C2 ?) to determine
>      weather it's output has chainged TOGETHER with the cached
>      page.
>      Then, when the page (the cached output) gets cleaned,
>       then the dependencies information would vanish together with it.

+1. I'm trying to do something similar with C1. Of course in C2 it's more 
complicated because there might be more than one output being cached, 
because of caching at different stages.

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