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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: bug in caching xsp pages in c1
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 23:18:22 GMT
Donald Ball <> wrote:
>hey guys. i was fiddling around with some xsp pages, trying to figure out
>what actually calls the hasChanged method on my xsp pages to see if i
>could mess around with the cache key. lo and behold, i find out that the
>hasChanged method isn't called on my xsp pages any longer... ever.
>what gives? this is pretty bad news for high traffic xsp sites.

Doh! I started panicking and then realised what the problem was. I quote 

Also in the <xsp:structure> tag, a <util:cacheable/> tag may be defined. 
This empty tag simply allows the page to be cached. This should always be 
combined with a method declaration as follows:

public boolean hasChanged (Object context) {
            // context is a HttpServletRequest
            return // whether the page has changed.

Now, the question is, why did I change the behaviour like this? (there was a 
similar change regarding Producers and Processors).

Answer: because without some way of marking pages as cacheable, the 
uncacheable pages are always stored in cache, which is a big waste of space.

I did mention this on cocoon-dev before I did it and the consensus was to go 

On second thoughts it would probably be better to have a unified 
util:cacheable tag, i.e. require that the hasChanged method be inside the 
util:cacheable tag, so that you are less likely to forget one or the other.

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