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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [C1 (and C2?)] global variables in XSP page
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 18:44:54 GMT
Conny Krappatsch <> wrote:
>I have a problem regarding global variables (members) in an XSP page.
>In our Prowler taglib we have tags that interact. For instance, the
>following tag performes a login:
><prowler:login id="li"/>
>Using the given id, one can refer on the result of the login (within the
>same XSP page):
><prowler:onSuccess idref="li">
>If login was successful the content of <prowler:onSuccess> is
>This is done using a Hashtable created within <xsp:logic> within
>     ...
>     <xsp:logic>
>         Hashtable prowlerResultTable = new Hashtable(3);
>     </xsp:logic>
>Now I recognized that this may cause problems if the same page is called
>more than ones at on time. As prowlerResultTable becomes a global member
>and the same object is used for each page request, it may happen that a
>request changes the result of an operation before the previous request
>could evaluate it - the classis synchronization problem.
>Unfortunalty I don't see any chance to synchronize on prowlerResultTable,
>because within the taglib I don't know which tags in which order and
>quantity will be used in the XML files.
>Having prowlerResultTable as local variable within the populateDocument()
>method would solve the problem, but currently there's no way to get it

I've done it myself many times (in C1). I think you just do <xsl:template 

where mypagetag is your page root element.

>There was a (C2) discussion about having a special tag for placing code at
>the beginning of populateDocument().

That's a special case for redirects.

>Has there been any consensus on this?

No-one objected, IIRC.

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