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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: generator based including
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:38:30 GMT
> > <util:include-xsp uri="file:///something/included.xml"/>
> > 
> > Works quite well - as soon as the class representation
> > of "included.xml" is generated.
> > Can anyone think of a way to generate it automatically?
> > Also changes in "included.xml" need to be recognized.
> Is this for Cocoon 2?


> > While playing around with the util:taglib and and the
> > idea of a generator based include mechanism I must
> > admit that (up to now) it feels a bit kludgy.
> Keep in mind that when I ported the util taglib to Cocoon2

Hm.. I did , too! :( 
But I wanted to wait for the util:include-xsp to work
before posting it. 

> the only thing I really checked was the import function.
> There is probably still a fair amount of dead weight in there.

Yeah, my port has this, too ;)

> > Maybe extending the xinclude transformer is the way
> > to go... Hm, don't know.
> What is the problem you are trying to solve?  Hopefully
> we can come up with the elegant solution...

I hope so as well! I want to be able to include a XSP page
into another one. My first bet was the XInclude transformer
but it only includes static XML - no XSP. Also it would
need another transformation step although is not necessarily
This is why I brought up the XSPGenerator proposal.
Since each XSP page has a class representation, including
should be (well - is) quite easy (as long as the class already
exists).  This is what I call "generator based including"

I need such a mechanism (XSP includes XSP) for my soon
to be released form taglib!
(I know about SchemoX - but it feels not so handy and straight
 forward to me. We'll see if my taglib will be this way ;)

The problem is: the sitemap lists only one page that
does the including. So only this page is gonna be
generated at request. Somehow the depending/included
page have to be generated, too.

> I know I want to try to incorporate the results of multiple
> logicsheets--and am struggling with an elegant and maintainable
> solution myself.

What do you mean by "incorparating the results"?

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