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From "Schmidt, Maik, VP-DTM, ST" <Maik.Schm...@PASSO.DE>
Subject Re: [OT] Does anyone else find this deeply worrying?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:14:46 GMT
Does it really worry you?

A group totally unknown to me and all my colleagues (aspalliance?) defines
its own small and sick reality and derives a 90% MSIE market share from its
own web server's log file (Working in a domain that has an MS technology in
its name. What a suprise ...). Is that really worrying? I think its funny.

Did anyone take a look at their site? In my opinion it is boring and most of
the stuff that is titled 'tutorial' really does not deserve that name.

I think you can and you should safely ignore this dumb propaganda ... like
the rest of the world will hopefully do.

The cocoon team should keep up the good work that safes so many people so
much time and easily prevents many surfers from stupid messages like the one

  <Maik mood="relaxed"/>

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