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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Proposal: URL Protocols
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:37:58 GMT
Paul Russell wrote:
> * Berin Loritsch ( wrote :
> > I want to run something by the list regarding the way
> > Cocoon uses URLs to get references to files and such.
> > This _does_ affect both versions, and it refers to the
> > naming of the protocols.  The way Servlet 2.2+ specifies
> > to get files from the WAR file is the context.getResource()
> > method.  All resources are relative to the context root.
> > This is separate and distinct from Classloader Resources.
> > My proposal is to specify the following Resource protocols:
> > "resource:" This gets a ClassLoader resource, loaded by
> >             the Cocoon ClassLoader.  This is what it already
> >             does.
> > "context:"  This gets a Context resource, pulled by the
> >             Context.getResource() method.
> Yep. Works for me. +1. How do you propose implementing this? Using the
> standard URI api I assume?

That would be the long term plan.  The alternative would be to do
what is already done in the NetUtils class.  Anyone have experience
creating URL Handlers?

> > The only section that would require any file:// urls is the
> > XSP architecture.
> For the code generation and compilation, I assume? God I'd like a
> java compiler than can take streams to compile with. (better still,
> parse trees <grin>)

Yep.  My definition of the dream compiler:

Ability to use the loaded ClassPath (no more parsing of the classpath
attributes), ability to use streams (java input stream, and class
output stream).

That way we won't need the repository at all (except for debugging
purposes)--as we can directly serialize the XSP java stream into
the compiler and directly load the class by stream into the

The less we have to operate with the filesystem the better.  I would
love to see the Jikes people add a JNI interface that would allow
use to do just that!  We would get speed and elegance.

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