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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Proposal: URL Protocols
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:53:59 GMT
I want to run something by the list regarding the way
Cocoon uses URLs to get references to files and such.

This _does_ affect both versions, and it refers to the
naming of the protocols.  The way Servlet 2.2+ specifies
to get files from the WAR file is the context.getResource()
method.  All resources are relative to the context root.
This is separate and distinct from Classloader Resources.

My proposal is to specify the following Resource protocols:

"resource:" This gets a ClassLoader resource, loaded by
            the Cocoon ClassLoader.  This is what it already

"context:"  This gets a Context resource, pulled by the
            Context.getResource() method.

The reason for this proposal is because it will make a Cocoon
based WAR file more portable.  If someone wants to package
their Logicsheets inside their WAR file, they can always
reference them by "context:/Relative/path/to/resource.xsl"
and won't have to rewrite the and cocoon.xconf
files for each installation.

In fact, the Producers/Generators should use the "context:"
methodology to find the files for input into the system.
That will ensure that they follow the security and architecture
mechanisms of the Servlet specification.

The only section that would require any file:// urls is the
XSP architecture.

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