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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Xalan, Trax, and Cocoon 2
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 17:38:08 GMT
I've read up a little bit on Xalan 2, and I wanted
to know if we were doing certain things (and/or to
propose them):

Since JAXP 1.1 is a standard with Java 2 Enterprise
Edition (and with both Xerces and Xalan) shouldn't
we be using those APIs to obtain our parsers and
transformers?  That might help with transparently
using new Parsers/Transformers without having to
write or maintain a new Class for each one?

Also, I want to know if we are heeding what the
Xalan Docs say regarding usage in a multithreaded

"If you want to perform multiple transformations
(sequentially or concurrently) with the same
stylesheet instructions, do the following:

"1. Use the TransformerFactory.newTemplates(Source xslSource)
    method to create a Templates object.

"2. For each transformation, use the Templates
    objects .newTransformer() method to create
    a Transformer, and use that Transformer's
    transforme(Source xmlSource, Result transformResult)
    method to perform the transformation.

"For an example, see the Examples.exampleUseTemplatesObj()
in the trax sample."

Hopefully this will address a complaint that was
identified a couple of weeks ago regarding using Cocoon/Xalan
on multiple processors.

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