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From Marc van Kempen <>
Subject XSP compilation and classpaths problems
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:55:53 GMT
Hi All,

I have run into a very annoying problem and I hope you can help

I'm trying to setup Apache jserv 1.2 and Cocoon, to run into 
different virtual servers.

However, I have an application that I want to install into several 
virtual servers. The application version might differ, but the
names will be the same, so I want
to completely separate them. I thought I could do that by putting
the 'jars that make up the application into the zone repository path.

I included cocoon.jar in the repository as well. It works reasonably
well, however when I to run an xsp file, I get compilation
errors, reporting that the compiler can't find the classes that I put
into the repository instead of the classpath.

On further reflection and inspection of the source code, this is 
logical since only the classpath entries are given to the compiler,
the compiler never sees the repository entries. I'm speculating
that it would work when the class would be generated, on the other
hand a separate classloader is instantiated for the xsp generated
class, so it might not see them at all. (if I read correctly)

But then how am I supposed to get the result I'm looking for, or
is this not possible with the current design? Is this a crazy
thing that I want?

I thought about changing the code for the xsp compiler, but I can't
think of a portable way to do it. At best it would be very jserv

So, please any suggestions?


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