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From Mats Norén <>
Subject Re: Fresh copy from CVS broken?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 12:38:53 GMT
I have tools.jar in my cp. And that has worked before...could you be more
specific to what the problem is?
Another quick question you may be able to answer:

I´ve tried several times to get an answer from the list about parameter
passing from actions the the rest of the sitemap components.
The Map I return from my action contains an URI (I´ve tested this) but when
the pipeline does setGenerator the map is suddenly empty.
I did a few printouts from the substitute method and it confirmed it.
The generated looks like this (skipping the parameter settings)

if ((map = wildcardMatch(matcher_wildcard_N25E_expr, objectModel)) != null)
        log.debug("Matched matcher_wildcard_N25E");
        listOfMaps.add (map);
//here I run my Action. Which adds an URI with the key in the Map set to
        map = ((Action) ((ComponentHolder)
(environment, objectModel, substitute(listOfMaps, null), param);
//Setting the generator
        pipeline.setGenerator ("generator:serverpages",
substitute(listOfMaps, "{uri}"), emptyParam);
Now in the last substitute the map is empty. Is the sitemap missing a
listOfMaps.add(map) after I run my Action or is there something else wrong?

Hope you can help me!!


Paul Russell wrote:

> * Mats Nor?n ( wrote :
> > Hi,
> > I checked out a fresh copy of CVS and dropped the war file in Jakartas
> > webapp-catalog.
> > When I tried to view the welcome page I got a NullPointerException. It
> > seems that the SiteMap doesn´t compile at all..
> > Everything seems to work up to the actual compilation of the Sitemap.
> > I included a printout from the log file below.
> > What am I doing wrong?
> Um. Whoops. Us-fu. However, it does appear that Cocoon is failing to
> find your java compiler. Make sure it's in your classpath. Once that's
> done, you should be fine.
> I'm not going to fix this problem *now*, because it's going to take an
> hour to so to fix properly (as in without doing a quick hack), and I
> won't have an hour or so free until this evening (GMT). If you're lucky,
> one of the other developers is up, and they'll fix it now. If not, you
> might have to wait a few hours -- sorry :/.
> Paul
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