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From Amal Sirvisetti <>
Subject Re: [C2] Want to use C2; need some ammo
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 04:44:38 GMT
We are developing eBusiness applications using Cocoon2 and it's been working
well for us from a development perspective. We will be testing performance,
scalability etc., in the production like environment in the next couple of

"Clover, James C. -ND" wrote:

> Hi all,
> My project is about to start developing the web interface to our batch
> system, and I'd like to use Cocoon to do it.  I'd _really_ like to use C2,
> officially for the improved architecture and unoffically for the coolness ;)
> I'm about to try and convince my bosses that this would be a good idea, and
> so I need some ammo to take into that conversation.  If there's a C2 FAQ or
> some other documentation please direct me towards it:
> 1.  What's the status of C2?  What can it do, right now?  I've seen people
> talk about their "real-world use" of C2, so I assume it's up and running.
> I've also seen that the first beta of C2 is planned first quarter 2001,
> which works well for me as we're scheduled to be done in June (this is a
> relatively small internal project, so it doesn't have to be super-stable and
> scalable, although both would be nice :).
> 2. What kind of security will be in C2? The web app we are building is
> basically an inquire-and-edit-data app, and we have some pretty detailed
> security requirements -- possibly limiting data, links, and the like based
> upon the user's security level.
> 3. Will C2 be easier to use than C1?  The sitemap seems like a definite
> place for simplification, at least of pages with lots of transformations.
> Some of my developers have never built a web application before, nor used
> XML.  But again, they've never built a JSP before either, and that's my
> other choice.
> 4. Will C2 be faster than C1?  I'd imagine so, at least due to all the
> caching discussion going on.
> 5. Will C2 make splitting various tasks between developers easier?  With
> aggregation I could see giving various developers various parts of the pages
> to develop independently.
> My fervent hope is that we decide to use C2, and as a consequence of that, I
> will be able to do neat stuff for C2.  However, my hope of doing neat stuff
> still won't allow me to use it if it's not ready.  Heck, I may even decide
> to just JSP the whole thing, but I haven't made up my mind yet.
> James
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