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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject [C2] Xalan and Tomcat causing problems for Cocoon
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 19:38:31 GMT
There are two issues I came accross with Cocoon regarding some
of the dependant libraries:

1) When Xalan crashes, Cocoon can't function.  There are a couple
    of errors that cause Xalan to be unusable (usually involving
    URLs and missing input files).  When this happens, the only
    way to get Cocoon to function again is to restart Cocoon.  The
    problem is when Xalan can't find an input file it crashes in
    such a manner as to not be usable again--but that instance is
    still in the Pool.  That instance needs to be removed from the
    pool in order to function again--so there are unusable instances
    of Xalan that need to be invalidated when there is an error.

2) When Tomcat can't find a Mime-Type, it fails with a NullPointerException
    that gets propogated back up to Cocoon--and Cocoon renders the
    error page.  The Stack Trace says that it occurs with readers:

	at org.apache.tomcat.util.MimeMap.getExtension(
	at org.apache.tomcat.util.MimeMap.getContentTypeFor(
	at org.apache.tomcat.facade.ServletContextFacade.getMimeType(
	at org.apache.cocoon.reading.ResourceReader.getMimeType(
         at ....

(Tomcat 3.2.1, Cocoon 2 [1/23/2001 14:00:00], Xalan2-D06.jar)

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