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From Amal Sirvisetti <>
Subject Re: status on c2?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:02:40 GMT
Hi Giacomo,

I am interested in implementing either of these features. When can I start?

Giacomo Pati wrote:

> Donald Ball wrote:
> >
> > just wondering if any of the active developers could give a quick overview
> > of c2's status? i just recently finished the only project for c2 which i'd
> > assigned myself (porting esql logicsheet), and i'd be happy to try to lend
> > a hand to get a beta out there.
> The status is that we still need volunteers :) for the content
> aggregation at the sitemap level and an implementation of a good caching
> system. These two things hinder us to go beta (as adviced from Stefano).
> We could write an aggregation implementation based on the RT Stefano has
> made (Subject "[RT] Content aggregation", 03 Oct. 2000). I'm not sure if
> it is the way to go but at least we could make an implementation that
> way and see how it works. The content aggregation at the sitemap level
> AFAIR should be used to replace Stylebook so that we can use C2 to
> produce our own docs and site.
> A cache system is essential because without it C2 is slower than C1 with
> cache and thus make it less attractive to migrate for users with mainly
> static XML content. For pure dynamic content C2 is about 2-3 times
> faster that C1.
> The rest is quite stable AFAICT. We have (thanks Berin) good logging
> based on  Avalons LogKit and a poolable JDBC/J2EE connetion (Avalon)
> component which better fits in the C2 architecture than the Turbine
> connection pool (thanks again Berin).
> There are some issues with the batik stuff we have used to replace the
> prior SVG lib but Ross Burton is in touch with the batik people to solve
> these issues.
> I've heard that there might be some threadsafety issues with FOP but
> haven't been able to reproduce it so far.
> I'm very sorry not having the amount of free time I had last summer
> (when I wrote the sitemap stuff) to make beta happen sooner.
> Giacomo
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