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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: status on c2?
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 23:10:21 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:
> just wondering if any of the active developers could give a quick overview
> of c2's status? i just recently finished the only project for c2 which i'd
> assigned myself (porting esql logicsheet), and i'd be happy to try to lend
> a hand to get a beta out there.

The status is that we still need volunteers :) for the content
aggregation at the sitemap level and an implementation of a good caching
system. These two things hinder us to go beta (as adviced from Stefano). 

We could write an aggregation implementation based on the RT Stefano has
made (Subject "[RT] Content aggregation", 03 Oct. 2000). I'm not sure if
it is the way to go but at least we could make an implementation that
way and see how it works. The content aggregation at the sitemap level
AFAIR should be used to replace Stylebook so that we can use C2 to
produce our own docs and site.

A cache system is essential because without it C2 is slower than C1 with
cache and thus make it less attractive to migrate for users with mainly
static XML content. For pure dynamic content C2 is about 2-3 times
faster that C1.

The rest is quite stable AFAICT. We have (thanks Berin) good logging
based on  Avalons LogKit and a poolable JDBC/J2EE connetion (Avalon)
component which better fits in the C2 architecture than the Turbine
connection pool (thanks again Berin).

There are some issues with the batik stuff we have used to replace the
prior SVG lib but Ross Burton is in touch with the batik people to solve
these issues.

I've heard that there might be some threadsafety issues with FOP but
haven't been able to reproduce it so far.

I'm very sorry not having the amount of free time I had last summer
(when I wrote the sitemap stuff) to make beta happen sooner.


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