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From Peter Verhage <>
Subject Bug xsp:attribute
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:49:23 GMT
I may have experienced the effect of a little bug in the xsp:attribute
tag. If I use a xsp:attribute tag within a logicsheet, because I can't
use an xsl:attribute for some variable. And I have a few xsl:attribute's
following after the xsp:attribute they don't get processed. Do I put the
xsl:attribute's before the xsp:attribute everything seems fine. So e.g.

  <xsl:attribute name="test2">test</xsl:attribute>

Will return:
<test test1="test"/>


  <xsl:attribute name="test1">test</xsl:attribute>

Will return:
<test test1="test test2="test"/>

Ofcourse the desired result is the last one...
I'm using Cocoon 1.81 DEV from a week ago or something.

Because it seems to be that it's a bug in XSP, and XSP is only part of
Cocoon I send this to this list, hope someone can take a look at it and
fix it. Personally I'm just using the second case so nothing can go
wrong, but I think more people can run into trouble with this kind of



Peter Verhage       <> BV - information technology -  0118 41 50 54

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