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From Nicolás Lichtmaier <>
Subject Patch to installing.xml
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:57:51 GMT
Index: installing.xml
RCS file: /home/cvspublic/xml-cocoon/xdocs/installing.xml,v
retrieving revision 1.45
diff -u -r1.45 installing.xml
--- installing.xml	2001/01/12 21:26:15	1.45
+++ installing.xml	2001/01/15 17:56:05
@@ -180,12 +180,19 @@
-    The <code>./bin/cocoon.jar</code> package <strong>must</strong>
be added to the
-    servlet engine classpath in order for the XSP subsystem to work correctly.
-    We understand that this could be a flexibility limitation. 
-    On JServ it is not yet possible to run
-    multiple instances of Cocoon in the same virtual machine - if you
-    would like to do that, try using a different servlet engine. (To be fixed soon.)
+    To run multiple instances of Cocoon in the same virtual machine (in
+    different zones), the <code>./bin/cocoon.jar</code> file needs to be
+    included in the zone's classpath (together with other zone specific
+    classpath components).  Besides, you need to properly set the
+    processor.xsp.localclasspath property. This property tells the XSP
+    engine wich classpath to use when calling the compiler, as there's
+    currently no way for Cocoon to ask the classpath to the zone's
+    classloader. The value of this property should be the classpath
+    used in the "repositories" parameter (which includes
+    <code>cocoon.jar</code>). Please note that the  support
+    for doing this is still experimental.

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