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From Robert Marcano <>
Subject Re: [C2] SVG System -- Major issue!
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:33:14 GMT
Ross Burton wrote:

> Something I forgot to write: would you be able to contribute the source
> for this if we take this route?
> If we take this route and the source cannot be contributed - how should
> this work?  I can see two alternatives:
> 1) a DTD is requested - we look the URI up in a catalogue (specified in
> cocoon.xconf?), if it exists return the local file, otherwise try a
> remote lookup.
> 2) a DTD is requested - examine a directory tree for the file to
> return.  If it exists return it, otherwise try a remote lookup. 
> Directory tree structure could be something like:
> 	./cocoon-2/remote-entities/
> (1) is more organised, (2) is more freeform in that DTDs and other
> entities can e dropped in and they instantly work.  I prefer 2 but can
> see benefits of 1, i.e. multiple URIs mapping to a single file on disk.
> Comments?

We use a small xml file that maps URIs to a local file, I think that it 
is fine when there are not so many files involved, The advantage of 
using the second solution is that it enables caching new DTDs on demand 
in order to get better performance


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