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From Ross Burton <>
Subject Re: [C2] SVG System -- Major issue!
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2001 17:55:30 GMT
Robert Marcano wrote:

> If that doesn´t work, i think that cocoon can use a custom
> EntityResolver that use local copies of the dtds and schemas if there
> is one available. I used this solution in one of our projects were the
> servers doesn´t have access to the Internet

Something I forgot to write: would you be able to contribute the source
for this if we take this route?

If we take this route and the source cannot be contributed - how should
this work?  I can see two alternatives:

1) a DTD is requested - we look the URI up in a catalogue (specified in
cocoon.xconf?), if it exists return the local file, otherwise try a
remote lookup.

2) a DTD is requested - examine a directory tree for the file to
return.  If it exists return it, otherwise try a remote lookup. 
Directory tree structure could be something like:


(1) is more organised, (2) is more freeform in that DTDs and other
entities can e dropped in and they instantly work.  I prefer 2 but can
see benefits of 1, i.e. multiple URIs mapping to a single file on disk.


Ross Burton, catching up on C2 work...

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