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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: new c2 esql logicsheet checked in
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:27:35 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:

> hi guys. i just checked in a new version of the c2 esql logicsheet that
> conforms to the final esql namespace schema. a few functions may be
> missing, i'll be adding them, but i finally got a working version so i'm
> checking it in. note that it differs from the c1 version by only one line
> now - the namespace uri for xsp.
> (i almost think there's good reason to keep the xsp namespace uri the same
> from c1 to c2... but c'e la vie.)

I noticed that you reverted back to the driver, dburl, username, password
in the sample.  I guess this is as good a time as any to point out a couple
of things--since the use-connection is relatively new.

The Driver parameter is not needed in C2--the load-class init parameter loads
the needed classes for drivers, protocol handlers, etc.

The use-connection parameter is IMHO much more desired--as someone who is
being introduced to Cocoon can make one change in the cocoon.xconf file
to make ALL the samples work.  I will test with that arrangement and commit
the change to the samples.

The important thing to note is that creating Connections EVERY TIME a page
is requested is very costly--and there is no direct control over the number
of connections created at one time.  The JdbcDataSource Component takes
care of this with a closed pool (it doesn't keep eating up resources,
because it will dissallow connections beyond a certain number of simultaneous
connections.  This allows administrators to effectively plan the hardware
and networking environment in a much more sane manner.

So, I propose to make the use-connection parameter the officially prefered
method of doing it--and making the dburl/user/password approach deprecated
but still supported for backwards compatibility.  I also propose that all
samples should use the prefered methodology due to the fact that most
learning is following the examples we have here.

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