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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Status of XMLCompiler
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:42:20 GMT
"Marcelo F. Ochoa" wrote:
> My question about the "Status of XMLCompiler" had not the intention of
> raising the "what and where to cache" discussion again, so sorry for
> my hint of using the XMLCompiler for caching...
> I was (only) interested if there is any place on the web where the
> XMLCompiler is maintained.
> If not, why not integrate it into an apache project, Cocoon or even
> Avalon?
> When the XMLCompiler is available in any project, we can use it everywhere it fits.

AFAIK the Ozone project uses the XMLCompiler technology to transfer data
from the server to the client proxy object.


> [MO]  I have a plan to add XMLCompiler in the next release of DB Prism (,
to reduce the overhead of parsing XML document in the DB side and reparses it the midle tier
by cocoon.
> Another benefits of it is that the size of XML document is lower than the text form of
the XML document, then the round trip of sending the XML result from DB to the cocoon pipeline
will be reduce.
> Carsten
> [MO]  Best regards, Marcelo.
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