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From Philippe Lavoie <>
Subject RE: [C2]: Proposal for caching
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 15:06:55 GMT

May I suggest the following:
	- create 4 scenarios of usage of the sitemap.
		1) static pages
	 	2) Portal style page	
	      3) Login page (gives access right, etc.)
		4) Once Logged in, add data to database based on user role

Play around with how you can do some customization based on the user's
preferences (especially for a portal type site).

Now with these scenarios, if you can find a caching method that answers the
need of all of them. You are all set. If you can't find something that deals
with all the scenarios, no biggy. Start something, note the limitation that
you see and C2.1 will handle them.

Caching might be a case where it is more important to find out how people
use the style map and optimize where it needs to be optimized. Perhaps go
the 'human hints' way first, then try to add more AI to the caching methods.

Some caching is better then none anyway :)

Anyway, just me rambling, move along.


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