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From Philippe Lavoie <>
Subject About the site = slow netscape
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:12:44 GMT

I think that is generated using docbook I thought I'd mention
it here. Perhaps I should sent to the webmaster at xml.apache org instead ?

Anyway, browsing the site at is usually an exercise in
patience as Netscape takes more then 20 seconds to render the pages. The
reason is quiet simple. Netscape is very (I do mean VERY) slow when there is
more then tables embed table more then 3 times.



is fine, but add another table and it will become slower then a duck after
an oil spillage.

I know it would mean work, but would it be possible to revise how the site
is generated so that it limits the number of tables to 3 ?  Not really
expecting an answer, but if someone would like to use <DIV> and other stuff
like that to create the proper look and feel it would be nice and make
browsing that much more enjoyable.

Have fun guys.

Philippe Lavoie
Software Engineer                      tel: 819.778.0345 mobile:
Cactus Communications Internet	   email:

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