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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [C2][Important] Content aggregation again. Resolution needed.
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 18:18:40 GMT
* Torsten Curdt ( wrote :
> Following the postings on the content aggregation issue
> I wonder how expensive a tranformation is.
> Since sitemap aggregation can only be "push"
> instead of "pull" a layout transformation
> might be usefull before applying the last
> transformer.

Um. It's still *pulled*. I assume what you mean is that the content is
provided to the transformation stage in a predetermined format?

>   <agg:part name="news1"> 
>     <ns1:p>Dog got eaten by chicks</ns1:p> 
>   </agg:part> 
>   <agg:part name="news2"> 
>     <ns2:p>...</ns2:p> 
>   </agg:part> 
>   <agg:part name="menu1"> 
>     ...
>   </agg:part> 
> </agg:aggregate> 
> Is it really necessary to have _always_ a new namespace? Maybe sometimes
> it is not required. How about costs when you have 20 namespaces?

No - you need namespaces for all content, they do NOT however have to be
unique namespaces. In the above, for example, news1 and news2 would
probably have the same namespace, but menu1 would probably be different.
The reason the namespaces must be there is that otherwise it's
impossible to distinguish between 'news:foo' and 'menu:foo' at the
transformation stage, since those documents were origionally distinct,
and potentially unaware of each other.

> Are these costs usually negligible?

I believe so. We have a large number of namespaces which we use for
various things (for example, we have a letter namesapce which handles
addressing and all the other things letters have, a news namepsace which
handles everything specific to a news story, but a 'body' namespace
which is used by both these namespaces to provide the body of the

Does this help?


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