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From Steffen Stundzig <>
Subject Re: [C1] and xalan2
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:16:29 GMT
Hi all,

 * @author: Steffen Stundzig <> 
 * @date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:19:04 +0100
> Hi Ovidiu,
> /**
>  * @author: Ovidiu Predescu <> 
>  * @date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:48:49 -0800
>  */
> I've started developing an TRaXTransformer as replacement for the 
> XalanTransformer in C1. It works and the compiled stylesheets are
> nice to have. Also I've ported the 
> 'org.apache.cocoon.xml.util.XPathAPI' to work with xalan2. 
> C1 compiles without any errors, but at runtime
> I get errors from the XSPProcessor. In the generated xsp-java files
> are illegal characters such as '\n' and so on. Any ideas?

I got it working. C1 with XalanJ2_D07. The problem of the 
illegal characters in the generated java files was in the

109:  Element textElement 
          = node.getOwnerDocument().createElement("xsp:text");

But the transformer, that transforms the result of this preprocessor
with the 'xsp-java.xsl' only matches the template 'xsp:text' with
the appropriate namespace. So the line should look like 

Element textElement 
    = node.getOwnerDocument().createElementNS(
    "", "xsp:text");

Now all works correct. But as I see, the most element creations in C1
are without namespaces. 

What direction you will go with C1 in the future? Namespace aware
or not? Or is this irrelevant and C2 is the one and only? 
(I hope with namespaces. :-))


PS:  +1 for namespaces.
Steffen Stundzig                  
SMB GmbH                              

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