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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: AW: Status of XMLCompiler - Please vote...
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:02:49 GMT
* Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> Believe me, I am familiar with XP....Of course, you are right: just adding
> classes which are never be used by the project itself, should be avoided.

Good good.

> OK, I didn't want to come up with this at this stage, but e.g. I could 
> integrate the XMLCompiler into the FileGenerator for caching. So the 
> FileGenerator can cache the parsed file using the XMLCompiler. This would
> speed up the FileGenerator (I think Stefano proposed that when he announced
> the XMLCompiler). This caching would be independent from the big caching
> algorithm C2 uses, like the caching of stylesheets in the XalanTransformer.
> In addition the big - yet-to-do - caching algorithm might need it, to cache
> partial responses. I don't mean caching at each stage in the pipeline!
> Sometimes it might be usefull to cache a response upto a specific point in the
> pipeline as all following stages are highly dynamic - but this is just a 
> my thoguhts...

Yep, agreed, although shouldn't the FileGenerator caching be done by the
normal caching system? Rather than tying in something at a lower level?
I'd rather see XMLCompiler integrated by having it as *one of a number*
of potential XML, um, 'transcoders' (thanks batik) usable within the
caching infrastructure. We've already had one offer of help with the
caching architecture -- would you be interested in teaming up on this?


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