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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: AW: Status of XMLCompiler - Please vote...
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:17:42 GMT
* Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> Integrating the XMLCompiler doesn't hurt at all as no existing
> component is affect, no interface has to change - simply nothing,
> just adding classes.

Yeah, that's fine, but a very strong -1 for just adding classes
because they 'might be useful'. If the cache needs them, then
that's fine, if something else *core* needs them, then that's fine,
but Cocoon2 is already 23,000 lines of code, let's not make it bigger
than it has to be. For those familiar with XP, You Ain't Gonna Need it.
For those who aren't <URL:> is *well*
worth a read, it might just change the way you work.

> (OK, I know, I can't start a vote - but it's worth trying...)

Hahaha. We're open source. You can start what you like :)


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