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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: esql logicsheet broken?
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 23:09:33 GMT
* Brandon Ibach ( wrote :
>    Actually, I had this same problem when I subscribed just about a
> week ago.  My regular email address, as you can see above, is at
>, my private domain.  However, the "From" address that
> EZMLM (the mailing list companion to qmail) picks up is at
>, which is the machine at my ISP that handles my
> mail.  This address shows up in the "Return-Path" header on messages I
> send out.  I can override this by explicitly subscribing my regular
> address, but then I can't post messages because my "Return-Path"
> address isn't on the list.

EZMLM takes the address contained within the Sender header, I believe.
The trouble here, is that while the Sender address *should* be a
routable mail address, and under its traditional meaning (and
implemenation) it would be, sadly it gets broken on a regular basis,
because people (like me) like to use transient internet connections.
(hell, I'd rather use a permenant connection, but nobody seems to want
to stick a leased line into my flat for some reason, shucks). You can
force the subscription address by sending the subscribe request to:

Um. I think. Give it a whirl.


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