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From Brandon Ibach <>
Subject Re: About the site = slow netscape
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 22:33:10 GMT
Quoting Philippe Lavoie <>:
> I know it would mean work, but would it be possible to revise how the site
> is generated so that it limits the number of tables to 3 ?  Not really
> expecting an answer, but if someone would like to use <DIV> and other stuff
> like that to create the proper look and feel it would be nice and make
> browsing that much more enjoyable.
   I've found that, with a little work, almost anything that can be
done by nesting tables can also be done with row and column spanning,
which Netscape seems to handle a little better.
   I, too, cringed a bit when I saw the 5 (or so) layers of nested
tables in the example stylesheet in Cocoon. :P  It
looks great, but does quite a number on my browser. :)

-Brandon :)

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