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From Brandon Ibach <>
Subject Re: esql logicsheet broken?
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 22:29:31 GMT
Quoting Donald Ball <>:
> 1. it appears that when i first subscribed, back in the stone ages, the
> old mailing list software decided to force me to subscribe to cocoon-dev,
> and cocoon-cvs by extension, as
> recently, oldhostname went away, and i've apparantly been missing out on
> everything on cocoon-dev and cocoon-cvs since then. boo, hiss. i didn't
> really realize anything was wrong until my recent commits didn't result in
> cocoon-cvs emails - i just thought that everyone was taking a nice loooong
> winter vacation.
   Actually, I had this same problem when I subscribed just about a
week ago.  My regular email address, as you can see above, is at, my private domain.  However, the "From" address that
EZMLM (the mailing list companion to qmail) picks up is at, which is the machine at my ISP that handles my
mail.  This address shows up in the "Return-Path" header on messages I
send out.  I can override this by explicitly subscribing my regular
address, but then I can't post messages because my "Return-Path"
address isn't on the list.
   This is no big deal now, because the net affect is the same, but if
I move my mail elsewhere (continuing to use my private domain), or
otherwise fiddle with mail forwarding and such, I'll have problems
along the lines of what Donald described.
   Is the mailing list admin on this list?  Can this be fixed, or is
it just a quirk of EZMLM that can't be easily fixed?  I described this
problem to xalan-dev-owner, but got no response. :(

-Brandon :)

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