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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Status of XMLCompiler
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 13:56:54 GMT
FYI, Here's the link to the "XML Compilation" Thread started by Stefano.

1. Shouldn't we be Caching the output of the Serializer and not the intermediate SAX events
themselves? (For example the SVG Serializer takes more time to process the request than the
Generator's or Transformers in the Chain)
2. Should we place the burden of deciding (whether the result of a request should come from
Cache or generated again from scratch) on the Generator? (This was the case with C1 right?)


--- Paul Russell <> wrote:
> * Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> > a long time ago, Stefano posted an XMLCompiler to this list.
> > Does someone of you know, what the current status of it is?
> I'm not sure, I must admit.
> > Wouldn't it be good to integrate the XMLCompiler/XMLInterpreter 
> > into C2? (Perhaps for caching?)
> The trouble is that the system was optimised for the reading phase of
> the optimisation, which may not be what we want if the sax streams are
> being cached on the fly. One option might be to have pluggable
> encoder/decoders to enable us to store SAX events in conventional avalon
> stream stores. That way, when it's something which is going to be viewed
> very often, we could use Stefano's XMLCompiler and XMLInterpreter which
> should give us maximal performance when retrieving from the cache, and
> when the thing is more balanced, we could use something else? Does that
> work for you guys, or do you have other thoughts of how to cache SAX
> events?
> Paul
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