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From "Sean" <>
Subject XSP Questions
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:27:59 GMT
Hello All,

I am evaluating the use of XSP as a server page technology for my organization instead of
JSP.  I have been messing with Cocoon and getting things working, read the working draft,
and have been reading the mailing list for the past month or so.  I had a few questions I
wanted to get peoples input on that would help my evaluation:

1. What is the status of the Working Draft of XSP?  Has it been submitted to the W3C?  Are
there plans for this?

2. What would you list as the advantages of XSP over JSP? Disadvantages?

3. What experience have you had migrating from JSP to XSP?

4. Have you tried getting JSP with XML and XSLT to mimic the XSP technology?  Can you use
JSP instead of XSP in the translation phase of the XML? (not up on the XML lingo yet so if
translation is not the right word I appologize)

5. Does anyone have any example "packaged" products that use Cocoon and XSP technology?

6. Are there any other vendors that have or are working on XSP engines?

7. And finally, are there any readily available large scale examples out there that show off
complex site navigation, dynamic content, using XML, XSLT, and XSP?

If you could help me shine some light on these high level questions I would appreciate it.


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