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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject Re: [C2][feature request][Datasource components] get-by-name + no-pooling
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2001 14:28:31 GMT
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From: Tagunov Anthony <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2001 3:33 PM
Subject: [C2][feature request][Datasource components] get-by-name +

> Hello all!
> Hello Berin! (I was directed to you to ask this question :-)
> ASFAIK in C1 database connection pooling gave two features in one
> bottle:
> retriving connection properties by name (short, nice, usefull name -
> connection pooling
> AFAIK similar facilities are being (have been) developed for C2.

They _have_ been developed. for C2.  We have a Cocoon DataSource object
that allows you to retrieve the connection with one short name.

> Do you think it's reasonable for us to have
> retriving connection properties by name without connection pooling?

Sure it would be possible.  The J2eeDataSource connection does just that.
The JdbcDataSource connection could be extended to make a
connection--that simply creates new Connection objects on demand.

> The reasons I want this are the following:
> - our dbms is unreliable and I feel much more comfortable to reopen the
connection every time

Really?  What are you using?  (it might make sense to look for an
alternative that is more
reliable and possibly cheaper).

> - caching suits our needs fine and we are not bothered with extra time for

Ok.  Caching of the results would be the responsibility of your code with
the C2 DataSources

> - last but most important: WE ARE LIMIITED ON DATABASE LICENSES. And we're
running approx 6 to 8
> instances of Cocoon+Tomcat a time (to make our sites completely
independent, and prevent problems in
> one of them to spread onto others.) So we simply can not afford having our
PRECIOUS database
> licences be eat up just by being pooled on all of these 8 instances.

You have direct control over the maximum number of connections in a pool.
If you only wanted to use three simultaneous
connections in one site and four in another site, you would be able to do
just that.  The pool has both a maximum and
a minimum amount of connections.  The maximum is a hard maximum, and the
getConnection() would fail if an additional
one was needed--I need to look at waiting for one to free up though.  The
minimum is a soft minimum meaning that at least
the minimum number of connections will be held in reserve unless we would
have more than the hard maximum.

Another answer to your question above is to set the minimum connections to 0
and the maximum to 1--that way you are
guaranteed only 1 connection is used per instance of Cocoon.

> AFAI Understand, if this feature would be (is) supported by datasource
> it might find it's way into esql.xsl

It already has.  esql.xsl has two ways of specifying connections:

<esql:dbpool>datasource name</esql:dbpool>

and the normal connection property settings.  The dbpool property uses the
C2 connections.

> Best regards,
>  Tagunov Anthony
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