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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject [C2] Proposal for cocoon.xconf--Hiding Complexity
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2001 14:15:37 GMT
I would like to make a change to the way cocoon.xconf defines the components (but maintain
backwards compatibility).  Right now, we have two methods for specifying Components in the
ComponentManager heirarchy:

<component role="" class="">
  <component-instance name="AnyName" class=""/>

This is really a mouthful, and has some complexity involved for the administrator's eyes.
I would like to add something to org.apache.cocoon.Roles to make it easier for everyone
involved--yet not break the Avalon pattern regarding how the Roles are defined.

Basically, I would use a read-only HashMap to convert a shorthand Role name to convert
it to the internal Role.  The components would be defined in this manner:

<component role="shorthand-name" class="">
  <component-instance name="AnyName" class=""/>

This could be shortened even more in this manner:

<shorthand-name class="">
  <component-instance name="AnyName" class=""/>

The Cocoon ComponentManager can easily make the translations with a couple of
extra lines used to lookup the real Role based on the shorthand name.  Please note,
that we still have the old method of specifying components available to use.
We have a default CocoonComponentSelector, but by creating more specific
Selectors, we can even make the <component-instance> a shorthand:

For DataSourceComponents, you have only one of two Components to choose
from: JdbcDataSource and J2eeDataSource.  If the ComponentSelector knew this,
it could offer the following syntax:

<datasources class="">
  <jdbc-datasource name="AnyName"/>
  <j2ee-datasource name="AnyOtherName"/>

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