I see your point about reinforcing the notion of using a namespace for each taglib.  However, we have elements in our XSP page that are associated with a namespace that is not associated with any taglib. This forces us to declare that namespace in a child of <xsp:page>.  It makes it awkward for those who use namespaces in their system for other purposes since it adds more meaning to the simple declaration of a namespace.

For example, in C1 we have to declare the wdk namespace in the wdk:page element, but it is customary to define them all at the document root which is xsp:page:

<xsp:page language="java" xmlns:xsp="http://www.apache.org/1999/XSP/Core" xmlns:wdktags="http://www.saba.com/XML/WDK/taglib">

  <wdk:page xmlns:wdk="http://www.saba.com/XML/WDK">
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Torsten Curdt wrote:

>> The current XSP implementation allows for the inclusion of
>> "not-builtin" libraries by means of _top-level_ <xsp:logicsheet>
>> directives or root-level <?xml-logicsheet?> pi's.
> Some more questions:
> Which syntax should be preferred <xsp:logicsheet> or the PI?