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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [C2] Re: SchemoX (was: MVC, Struts and Cocoon)
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:54:16 GMT
At 23:30 +0100 10/11/00, Giacomo Pati wrote:
>Steffen Stundzig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wed, 1 Nov 2000 07:41:48 -0800 (PST) Davanum Srinivas
>><> wrote:
>> > Steffen,
>> > Does SchemoX use Cocoon2?
>> At the moment we have a sample implementation using Cocoon1.8.
>> I don't no why we couldn't use Cocoon2. One main goal of the SchemoX
>> framework is independence of the output renderer.
>I've had a look at SchemoX and Steffen contacted me to have some
>discussion about how SchemoX and Cocoon 2 can work together. I really
>like the idea of SchemoX and I clearly see the SchemoX framework
>implemented as C2 components.
>SchemoX is a framework that uses XSchemas to build forms to edit XML
>instance. The
> gives an
>overview to the framework. I'd like Jeremy to take a look at it (as soon
>as he's back from his vacation :) because he has some experience with
>XML document editing from his FP taglib. I would also appreciate if we
>can work together with the SchemoX group discussing and building such
>components for C2.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about this.
I am keen to understand, but please excuse my work schedule getting in the
way :)

Re:an earlier post, I am still trying to learn SAX ...

>The discussion with Steffen has brought us to the following sitemap
>example snippet so far and this is a base to discuss about:
>  <match pattern="mydocs/*/*">
>    <action type="schemox-reader" src="xschemas/{2}.xsd"/>
>    <action type="schemox-validator"/>
>    <action type="schemox-handler"/>
>    <generate type="schemox-composer" src="resources/{1}.xml"/>
>    <transform src="stylesheets/schemox2structure.xsl"/>
>    <transform src="stylesheets/structure2html.xsl"/>
>    <serialize type="html"/>
>  </match>
>The action of type "schemox-reader" will build up the XSchema
>representing object and put it in the environment if it is not already


>The action of type "schemox-validator" will validate the data posted.

How does the schemox-validator relate form fields to Elements and
Attributes in the instance and the schema at this stage? Or are we just
setting up a validator to be used later?

>The action of type "schemox-handler" will manipulate the instance
>according to events posted back from the client and make them available
>in the environment object as well as possible messages which should be
>presented to the client by the generator.

So this updates the instance from the posted data and reports errors?

>The generator of type "schemox-form-generator" will read the instance
>and form it to the schemox namespace according to the xschema supplied
>from the form-controller.

I have lost you now ....
I think your temininology has changed?

>The first xslt transformer builds up the structure of the page possibly
>inserting additional elements for linkage etc.
>The second transformer builds the styled xhtml representation of the
>The serializer makes it available to the clients OutputStream.
>This IMHO will give the best flexibility to change or parametrize those
>components for different source stores of XSchemas and XML instances.


regards Jeremy

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