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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: XObject
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 21:00:43 GMT
At 20:27 +0100 04/12/00, Ricardo Rocha wrote:
>Robin Green wrote:
>> Come on, let's vote on this.
>+1 for org.apache.cocoon.xml.XObject with toSax() and toDom()


So change the capitalisation on the method names as well?

>[but sans toString()]

I think I added that in a TagLib to get around a problem in the
xsp:attribute template in xsp-java.xsl, when you try to use a tag that
outputs XObjects to set the attribute.

	  <xsl:when test="name(.) = 'xsp:expr'">
	    String.valueOf(<xsl:value-of select="."/>)

Let's try and fix the xsp:attribute template instead :)

What I like about XObject is I want to be in a situation whereby more than
just strings can get passed from one tag to another via nesting different
taglibs. We have several choices of what can get passed around, so what do
you choose to implement, in the hope the other taglib has sent it to you?
Node, NodeList, XObject, DocumentFragment, String, ContentHandler? You
would end up replicating most of the code in xspExpr in in
each of your Tags. Encouraging the use of XObject simplifies the job of
making more powerful TagLibs IMHO.

For instance the FP TagLib is tied to only manipulating files. If FP (or
something like it) could just concentrate on XML manipulations and rely on
other TagLibs for storage and retrieval it could be more flexible.

>Jeremy Queen wrote:

Umm, that's Quinn actually ;)

> > Ricardo, are you lurking?
>Yes :-)

Great to hear from you :)

regards Jeremy

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