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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject [C1][contrib][xslt+] new processors, parameters for xslt, non-latin-1 symbols problem solution
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:34:35 GMT
Hello, everybody!

We, developing with C1 have implemented plenty of things we find usefull and new would like
share one of our "enhancments:" to C1 (this all should be, of cource portable to C2)

What this is:

  -- xsltp  processor and taglib 
          allow to put/get string parameters to/from a Hashtable assigned as an attribute
to the request object
  -- XSLTProcessor patch
          retrives parameters from this Hashtable and passes into the xslt transformation.
This allowes one to 
          specify additional xsl:params for the future xslt transforms.
   -- additional feature
          a special tag in the processor and taglib   <xsltp:pass-xslt-param name=".."
mode="UTF-8"/"windows-1251"/../> allowes
          to get a request parameter, recode it for non-latin-1 cases and LATER USE IN THE
XLST TRANSFORM (this was one of the
          greates motives to implement this: when we tried to access request parameters in
the xslt transform and the parameters were
          actually encoded in UTF-8 or windows-1251 (cyrillics) we got 'em all wrong. That's
why we implemented an extra Hashtable, put
          the corrected values there and made parameters in this Hashtable take precedence
over parameters passed as request parameters
A couple of examples is attaced too.

Best regards, 

NNT Telecom Russia team
( -- non Cocoon project (yet:),  -- Cocoon projects)         

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