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From "Robert Hines" <>
Subject Re: Technical Writer
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 03:10:48 GMT
   I'm actually in the middle of a job search, but I intend to get a fresh 
copy of C2 installed soonest, and get to work. I think that will be most 
worthwile, since C1 will soon be antiquated.
   Knowing the way Open Source projects typically run, there is always some 
individual(s) who do(es) the majority of the "coordinating" if not outright 
task assignments, etc. That's why I asked about the Lead Tech Writer, Tech 
Writing needs to be coordinated to some degree in order to get the best 
benifit. But, as to volunteering myself, I think I should get involved with 
a few small documents, and then see how things work out from there. However, 
don't count me out, I might just decide to do it in a month or so.
   In the mean time, if you have something you need documented, and don't 
want to do it yourself, throw it over the fence to me and I'll get it done, 
untill I get too overwhelmed. ;-)

Rob (a.k.a. - Bubba)

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From: Giacomo Pati <>
Subject: Re: Technical Writer
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:18:39 +0100

"Robert S. Hines" wrote:
 > Heya,
 >      I have been ghosting this mailing list on and off for about four
 > months. I would like to contribute, and I believe I can add the most 
 > as a Tech Writer for now. However, I'm not quite sure where or how to add
 > the most value.

Thank for the offering. Do you have any preferred version of Cocoon? 1 or 2?
Especially the Cocoon 2 is really lack good documentation!

 >      Is there a currently a Documentation Lead that is organizing the
 > effort, it seems relatively ad hoc at the moment. I would greatly 
 > some direction in the near term, and I have no problem taking on more
 > responsibility and moving forward once placed on the path.

Oh, I've never tought about Documentation Lead in a Open Source project :) 
point. Would you like taking care of it? :

 >      I have attached my resume in order to provide some immediate
 > credentials, and to give you some idea of where my skills lie. I look
 > forward to hearing from "someone" in the near term, as I would dearly 
 > to contribute to this project.

Sorry, I'm using Linux and can't look at you Word doc :) but anyway there is 
need for credentials. If you can contribute that's far enough credential :)



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