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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [C2] Handling Redirects
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 16:24:57 GMT
Joerg Henne <> wrote:
>The actor concept is a really powerful one and I agree that handling 
>by using actors is a much nicer design, but after some pondering I still 
>that there are cases that cannot be solved without redirects from within 
>XSP logic.
>Please consider, for instance, cases in which the descision for a redirect 
>to be made based on which particular logic blocks have been incorporated 
>a XSP page. Suppose we have a logicsheet which defines a set of 
>which requires the user to be logged in and another one which can be used
>without being logged in. To solve this problem using actors, I see three
>possible options:
>1. "marking" those XSP pages that require a login in some way, e.g. by 
>them below a certain directory
>2. having the XML author provide the information about which pages require 
>login to cocoon, e.g. by editing the sitemap
>3. anticipating the XSP generation stage from within the actor and 
>which logic blocks are used
>All three solutions don't seem very satisfying or elegant to me.

Agreed - good analysis.

>I'd be glad to hear about other solutions I haven't come up with.
> > I don't see why the ResourcePipeline object should handle page redirects
> > if the XSP page can't handle it. What is the benefit of that? Can you
> > further explain that?
>The assumption is: redirecting is a process that completely breaks the
>pipeline concept of cocoon. So, if we can't do without it, then make it 
>it drastically <g>. Furthermore, using exceptions for redirect handling is 
>fairly common concept in servlet development, I think. For instance, 
>presentation objects do it that way.

So does Cocoon 1.8.1-dev :-)

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