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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject RE: [C1] Fop 0.15 support
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 23:58:00 GMT
Ok, these should work with fop 0.15. Unfortunately, they won't work with fop
0.13, and your mileage may vary with FOP 0.14.
The spec has changed too radically to write XSL:FO that won't generate
warnings for any version of FOP, so I didn't make diffs. I don't know if you
want to keep the current FOP 0.13 files or not. These go in
xml-cocoon/samples/fo by the way.
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From: Robin Green []
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: [C1] Fop 0.15 support

"Corey O'Donovan" <> wrote:
>Fop 0.15 has been released, there appears to be quite a lot of
>changes/fixes/updates since fop_0_13_0.
>Is there any interest in getting this working with C1?
>I've briefly looked at it and theres been some attribute name changes in 
>fo namespace that break 1 of the samples shipped with Cocoon (its fixable)

Actually two - the third sample on samples/index.xml doesn't work at all, 
whilst the second one generates a pdf file but outputs warnings to the 
console. Only the first one works totally (AFAIK).

Any volunteers to fix it? Because we really need some working samples in the

distro, otherwise it is just very unprofessional. In fact theoretically the 
samples should be used as test cases before making a release.

In related news, I have just committed a patch to fix the bug where if you 
applied a stylesheet before using FOP (version 0.14 or higher) it would 
break FOP. As a result, and as I've noted in changes.xml -

***************** BIG FLASHING RED LIGHTS ***************************
** YOU NEED FOP >0.13 TO BUILD COCOON 1.x, but older versions will **
** still work as before (or not as before ;) at runtime.           **

I'm sure we'll get dozens of emails saying "why can't I build cocoon" so a 
more satisfactory solution is needed - like upgrading to 0.15 in the 
official cocoon distribution. But I have no experience with FOP, so could 
someone else fix the samples please?

>and god knows how many user pages... Should we upgrade?

+1 from me - FOP 0.13 could still be fully supported (for now) but we need 
to keep up with the changing specs, and more importantly the new features 
and bugfixes provided by FOP 0.15.

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