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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject RE: [C1] Fop 0.15 support
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 21:30:51 GMT
You got me curious, so I looked at it early. Ugh. So I guess that's a vote
for a "double getVersionNumber()" method in FOP? :) Sorry to force the
backflips to get it. As for your dismount, (handling Xalan 1.x's namespaces
output), that looks like pretty much the only way, unless you have a
suggestion for FOP?

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From: Robin Green []
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 2:26 PM
Subject: RE: [C1] Fop 0.15 support

COFFMAN Steven <> wrote:
>Really? You got Cocoon 1.x to work with either FOP 0.15 or 0.13? Someone
>said that our switching to SAX2 from SAX1 (in FOP 0.14) precluded this (at
>least for Cocoon1). Cool! A couple people asked us for this.

You'll laugh when you see how I did it. It's so bad it's embarrassing.

Actually it was the switch from DOM1 to DOM2 that caused the problems, 
afaik, since Cocoon1 does not generally use SAX.

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