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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Technical Writer
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 13:19:02 GMT
"Robert S. Hines" <> wrote:
>      I have been ghosting this mailing list on and off for about four
>months. I would like to contribute, and I believe I can add the most value
>as a Tech Writer for now. However, I'm not quite sure where or how to add
>the most value.

Great, thanks for offering - we could really use the help!

Are you primarily interested in C1 or C2?

I assume you've read the todo list for C1? It's almost up-to-date.

IMHO, the esql logicsheet needs some good introductory-level documentation, 
with a fair few examples, such as using esql with other logicsheets, 
connection pooling, dynamically specifying connection parameters, etc. Some 
of this stuff can be found in the mail archives. Esql is used by a lot of 
users in C1 and will certainly be used a lot in C2 as well.

Of course any clarifactions and enlargements of the existing docs 
(particularly XSP which is a frequent point of confusion on cocoon-users - 
it even confuses me sometimes! ;) would be most welcome. I'd just advise you 
to steer clear of the C1 installation instructions because they will 
probably need to be revised soon anyway, by me - let's avoid stepping on 
each other's toes.

Another idea is to ask cocoon-users what they would most like to see 
improved. Documentation exists primarily to serve users - and cocoon 2 
probably isn't stable enough to be developer-docced yet, whereas cocoon 1 is 
  heading for planned obselesence, so there's not much point in dev-doccing 
it IMHO.

>      Is there a currently a Documentation Lead that is organizing the
>effort, it seems relatively ad hoc at the moment.

Heh, ad hoc, yes. No, there isn't a Documentation Lead at the moment. As you 
may be aware, open source projects are often very informal, and it seems 
that we at the Cocoon project like it this way - at least, for now.

>I would greatly appreciate
>some direction in the near term, and I have no problem taking on more
>responsibility and moving forward once placed on the path.
>      I have attached my resume in order to provide some immediate
>credentials, and to give you some idea of where my skills lie.

Hey, no need for credentials - if you can write readable, accurate prose, 
we'll probably take it.

>I look
>forward to hearing from "someone" in the near term, as I would dearly love
>to contribute to this project.

Document writers are in very high demand by opensource projects, so we're 
very glad you've chosen to help us!

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