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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: soap and xsl
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:25:59 GMT
roman seidl <>
>Hi cocoon-dev,
>   As i read in this list XSP tends to be quite slow. So i thought of
>   how to get rid of xsp.

Replace XSP with SOAP?? No. I can't see any advantages from that. Let me 
explain why XSP is currently perceived as slow:

(1) When you change Java code it has to be recompiled. This should be 
obvious to any Java programmer. Whether you use XSP, SOAP, EJB, etc. etc. - 
whatever you use - if you change the code, it has to be recompiled. And 
javac is not necessarily very fast (which is why some prefer jikes), and 
perhaps the XSP engine adds even more slowness (I'll have to look into 
that). But this ONLY affects when you change the code (and perhaps also the 
first time you access a page) - every request after that just executes the 
XSP code straight away.

SOAP does not help here because you'd still have to recompile the generating 
classes when they change.

(2) Perhaps some people, who don't really understand how Cocoon works, 
somehow think that poor performance of their own design/code is to be blamed 
on Cocoon. (I admit that the cocoon 1 docs need a better explanation of XSP 
to rectify these misunderstandigns).

>So I consider the following concept:
>   <producer from request>

Prone to security risks. See mail archives.

>   I donīt know if this would deliver acceptable perfomance

To repeat, it is not going to give you any speed advantages over XSP. Plus 
you lose the convenient mixing of XML and code which I find so convenient in 

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