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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: XSPGenerator
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 14:41:51 GMT
>  >> That would bring at least full page content aggregation!
> This probably means _generator-based_ content aggregation.

Well, not necessarily... at least it gives us the possibility
to easily access the SAX events that create the _content_ of a
XSP generated document without the document header and footer.

My initial idea was to use the xinclude transformer for aggregation.
Unfortunately it doesn't work with non-static XML. My idea now
was to give the xinclude transformer the abillity to include
such a page into the SAX stream

The XSP would create just an SAX event in the xinclude namespace.

The xinclude transformer then catches the event, creates a class
instance of the desired XSPGenerator (e.g. _included_xml) and then
sends the SAX events from generateContent().

> A more general approach to [SAX-based] content aggregation
> would be that of aggregating complete sub-pipelines.
> Here, the term "pipeline" is being used with a meaning slightly
> different from that of Cocoon's ResourcePipeline class: it means
> a generator plus zero or more transformers, _sans_ a final
> serializer.

Sorry, if didn't use the correct term. I was thinking of a
generator creating (code for) SAX events which enter a "pipeline"
where transformers catch/transform them and in the end they
get back serizalized. (Sorry - I'm a newbie on C2 internals ;)

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