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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: XSPGenerator
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 09:45:27 GMT
> > > > Guys, guys, guys... Still..
> > > >
> > > > Will we then be able to control what to be aggregated
> > > > via XSP(!)? I think this important! (At least for me!)
> > >
> > > I don't really understand your needs. There is (or should be) a taglib
> > > that offers inclusion of URI based content for character streamed XML
> > > as usual (as with C1). We can talk about an utility tag to include SAX
> > > streams from an URI which is handled by the sitemap engine directly.
> >
> > Yes! That is what I was thinking of! I wan't to be able include
> SAX events
> > from another URI!! The URI I want to set inside a <xsp:logic> tag.
> > (Sorry, if I expressed my needs too spongy)
> Well, the only thing you want is getting directly at the SAX event
> without reparsing it when it comes from the cocoon itself, right?

Correctly!! :-)

> But
> this has nothing to do with "content aggregation" in the sense we are
> talking about. Content aggregation here we mean collecting different
> sources into one generator.


> If you need such capability you should use XInclude.

Well, maybe I started this thread with some wrong key words ;)

My initial intention was to modify the xinclude processor (ups
transformer ;) to understand more than just static xml and text.

 <xinclude:include parse="xml" type="serverpage" href="included.xml"/>

But then I need to get only the SAX events from the _content part_
of the document that is to be included. (not the document start
and stop etc.)

Can't XInclude also be used for content aggregation the way you
were talking about? (From different sources?) Then you can even
put it into whereever you want inside the document. Not just
under the root element. (which I think is a big limitation)

    <xinclude:include parse="xml" href="some other source than cocoon"/>
    <xinclude:include parse="xml" href="some other source than cocoon"/>
    <xinclude:include parse="xml" href="served by cocoon"/>

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