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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: XObject
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 12:38:21 GMT
> >> Object name: +/-0 (I'd prefer XMLFragment, but I'm easy on it)
> > Still not happy with name Ricardo?
> A bit of history: XObject originally meant "an object capable
> of generating an XML representation of itself".
> The idea was to provide a toDOM() method with semantics similar
> to those of Object.toString().
> Its use in XSP (as the result of an <xsp:expr>, in particular)
> was to inline the Node returned by toDOM() in the corresponding
> document position.
> In SAX, the same effect can be achieved by passing the XSP page's
> content handler as argumento the toSAX() method. This is not yet
> implemented.

What has to be implemented? Couldn't I just use

> Methods for handling <xsp:expr> were mistakenly omitted from XSP
> for C2. They must be included, of course, to enable the use of
> XObject's new incarnation.
> The name "XObject" is also used by Xalan, so it's a good idea to
> avoid using it here.

Yepp! +1

> If we agree on the more general semantics of "able to generate an
> XML representation of itself", the name "XSPObject" is probably too
> XSP-centric.
> It's accurate to say that such an object generates an XMLFragment,
> but this does not seem to reflect the above mentioned semantics...
> Not that I suggest an ugly name like "XMLizable", but we should
> probably delve deeper...

I guess you are right: "XMLizable" seems to be the most accurate name.
Do you really think the name is that ugly that we should go for something

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