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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject RE: [RT] XLink [*LONG*] (was Re: XLink)
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 03:50:39 GMT
Jeremy Quinn [] wrote:

I'm finishing up a project this week, so I don't have a lot of time to go
over this right now, but I wanted to briefly respond...

<big snip/>
>Sean, have you seen the XLinkProcessor written by Bruno Dumon and Bert
>It covers all this ground, I cannot make it work properly so I am just
taking the ideas ;) <>

I've got it downloaded, but I haven't taken a look at it yet.  If I remember
correctly, it generated simple XLinks from something...or maybe it
interpreted simple XLinks into something...anyway, it was targetted at an
early spec., so I'm not sure how relevant it is right now.  We can
definitely take a look at it, though.

> It should be standards compliant ... to be generally useful.

Of course.  :)

>I am still trying to understand some of the subtleties of the XLink Spec,
what are "resources" and "roles" good for? ........

Well, "resources" are what you traverse between, right?  Are you referring
to local resources (ie. the resource-type)?  XLink has a lot of behavior
that is left up to the implementing application, so I've got the impression
that local resources might often be populated automagically by the
application.  I'm not too sure about roles, either, but I get the general
impression that they are, again, application-specific in that they provide a
means of semantically identifying various links and the roles they play, and
it would be up to the application to determine how to handle them.  This is
why I believe that Cocoon needs to be able to not only do the LinkBase
functionality, but we should also provide the means to do the link
interpretation...because much of the XLink spec. is left up to the
application to do with as it sees fit.

>One thing I need to sort out in my own head ..... I have two different
types of links going on:
>        <1> Structural - those links that tie together the navigational
structure of the material, these could be "implied" by analysing the
>        <2> Arbritary - all other links
Could you elaborate more on this?

>It would be great to work together on a spec for this.

I'd be very interested in doing this.

>Implementation does not look too difficult, we have some great examples to
work with. Maybe one of us could do the Transformer and the other >the
Processor, so this can be used across C1 and C2?

Fine by me...I'm mainly interested in C2, so I'd be most interested in
working on the Transformer.

>this is cool :)
Indeed.  :)

- Sean T.

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